black bachx  opera  lab

Wild Dogs   ​a one-act chamber opera

The inspiration:    Wild Dogs is a one-act chamber opera based on the novel of the same name by award-winning Canadian novelist Helen Humphreys.

The journey: Wild Dogs explores the innate wildness of the human heart and our inevitable battle between love's wild power and our desire to domesticate it. 

The story: Six strangers gather each evening on a farmer's field and call to their dogs who have joined a feral pack living in the woods.  One of the group, Lily, a brain-damaged, child-like young woman is inconsolable over the loss of her only friend, a dog she has simply named, Dog.  Haunted by hallucinations and driven by the group's unwillingness to search the wood for the pack, Lily dares to enter the wood alone.​​

Wild Dogs opera is being commissioned and developed by black bachx opera lab in co-operation withMusic On Main Society in Vancouver, Canada.​​